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Mornings are devoted to academic study. Our quality academic summer program is designed to cater specifically the needs of international young leaders. English classes meet daily for 3 hours with highly qualified British and American English teachers.

Our English language and intercultural communications lessons include interactive games, role plays, video and listening activities.


Our young leaders spend the afternoons broadening their experience and knowledge in other areas. Each leader combines his or her academic summer program option with one of our unique, in-depth elective summer courses, which are timetabled everyday. These fun-filled and action-packed courses enable students to discover and participate in exciting subjects while gaining new skills and expertise.

Social and cultural activities

We organize a very busy and exciting social and cultural programs for our young leaders! Every evening, our group leaders organize different concerts, competitions and games. There are 2 full day excursions in the program. First, children will have exciting experience and fun in the enterntainment park Tsitsinatela (Georgian Disneyland). Second, children visit very beautiful city Batumi and its most famous sights, such botanic garden, seaside beach and etc.